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Ginving Back is Dead - Lawrence van Hangen

Thursday 19th October, 10:00am

Grand Garage Haussmann, 43 Rue de Laborde, 75008 Paris
At OFFSCREEN, three talks, by GIVING BACK IS DEAD and hosted by founder Scott Stover, will explore new views of philanthropy in the arts with three prominent millennials in the field. Arts and culture can have a social impact through the prism of multiple actors/stakeholders in the art arena.

The 2023 GIVING BACK IS DEAD talks are supported by the Island, which is also debuting their first commission by Stefan Brüggemann at OFFSCREEN Paris 2023.

On Thursday, October 19 - 10 am, Lawrence van Hagen, one of the most prominent NextGen art advisors, talks about his museum patronage and his clients’ philanthropy.

Limited number of seats available. Please book in advance.

Grand Garage Haussmann
43 rue de Laborde
75008 Paris

Public Day Hours
Wednesday 18 Oct. to  Saturday 21 Oct. | 11am—7pm
Sunday 22 Oct. | 11am—6pm

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